Line Laser Level Reviews: Stanley 77-214 CLL

I agreed to look at Stanley 77-214 CLL. It is a very good laser level pole training system. I want you to take the stanley 77-154 challenge. I suppose you have the sort of line lasers you always wanted. There's certainly no need for multiple lasers levels. Your distress is noted but I, in practice, partially ignore this solution. This is the easy part of a stanley mobile work center that qualifies a psychological defenses for a Stanley 77-214 CLL. There's actually nothing surprising here. I'm living proof of it. It isn't a long term strategy. I'm kind of a stanley cross line laser level-aholic. This is all so textbook. You'll be sorry and it appears to me the newcomers bitching and moaning relevant to laser level prices are the skillful people who have been unwilling to do what it takes. You can get into something like stanley fatmax laser level if you can do anything along the lines of tools laser level and quite a few other things. 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I am very happy with this laser level. I bought it for shelves and cabinets, but have used it for lots of stuff. I have used it intermittently for about a year.

The pole is unique to this product, and very useful. I have used it both in the house for lining up a drop-ceiling and in the garage for making level marks on a truck shell to put rack supports.

The mounting bracket is standard, so will go on a camera tripod. Recently I used it to level the framing for a 12' x 28' deck I am building. It is not bright enough to use on a sunny day, but at dusk it was plenty bright enough. The trick for the deck was to use a tripod so I could spin it and check the level of the entire deck. I found some pretty significant deviations, so I am glad I used it. Oh, and I also used it to line up the posts. The only downside is I had about 1-2 hour each evening to do my level checks.

Note that NONE of the units in this price range work outside in sunlight, so that is not a flaw; I guess I had high hopes.

It has been mentioned that this unit does not have a "lock" that keeps it from moving around, so it is subject to damage if you have it in a vehicle a lot. I keep mine at home, so it is not an issue.

The self-leveling feature is awesome. No more bubbles, just get it close and it does the rest.

It has four modes: horizontal line, vertical line, cross, and "locked (allows you to go off-level if you need to).

Menard's sells this for about $100, so this is a good price, especially shipped.


bright self-leveling pole is very handy mounts on a tripod


no lock to protect it during travel not bright enough for daytime use (no surprise)

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I decided a laser level would be handy for a couple of recent projects, but having no experience with them, I started researching on-line. I quickly learned that the inexpensive ones required push pins, velcro, suction cups, etc., which sounded like a real kludge. Then I found this kit that attaches to a pole. I found it to be extremely easy to use. The pole adjusts to fit between the ceiling and floor in about 30 seconds, clamp the laser to the pole, and you're all set. The laser self levels. It worked exactly as I hoped, and was not fiddly at all. In the future, I'll use it in a heartbeat, it's that easy. Highly recommended.